With an international presence and Fortune 500 client base do you have room for smaller clients?

Despite a large geographical and diverse client footprint, Signature Resources is able, through its vast associate consortium, to respond to smaller organizational or conference workshop / presentation needs. All the senior associates of Signature Resources are committed to helping smaller enterprises and participating in professional conferences of any size as speakers and trainers and are frequently called upon to do so.

What CREDENTIALS do your professional associates have?

All of our staff are degreed individuals, most with advanced graduate degrees in their field of service. Associates average 28 years professional experience and have been executives and senior managers leading and executing within the types of challenges they now consult in. Almost all of our associates have frequent interaction with the wide range of enterprise leadership from Boards of Directors to managers to customers and feel as comfortable in the Board Room as in front of a key customer.

Do you CUSTOMIZE or provide “off the shelf” training / learning solutions?

We do both. About 80% of our effort is customized specifically to the client’s stated needs and we spend the upfront time to get those well defined. About 20% of our offerings are core competency / process specific learning endeavors that are generalizable within any enterprise setting.

How do you determine professional fees?

Our keynote speaking and conference fees are competitive with other known speakers and authors and affordable for regional and national conferences. Our consulting intervention fees are determined by working with the client to estimate the number of days an engagement requires and billed on a daily fee structure. Client feedback indicates we are considered a value priced service provider where investment and return on investment is considered exceptional.

How full spectrum is your consulting resource.

We do not consult on financial or technology management but can refer you to trusted resources. Signature Resources is able to bring an experienced team to most every other aspect of enterprise leadership.

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