A Deep Consortium

Signature Resources creates a project a team of consortium members for each client, aligned to the client’s needs. Consortium members customarily work with a Signature Resources partner who serves as the project team leader responsible for coordination and client relationships. Because our consortium is a diversified alliance of recognized experts, its depth extends to multiple tiers, such as universities, professional associations and highly specialized niche resources.

Appreciative and Customized Approach

Just as no two DNA samples are alike, no two organizational samples are alike. Signature Resources appreciates organizational differences. Each client reminds us, “We’re not like anyone else you’ve worked with on this issue.” That’s why we customize for the client every single Signature Resources’ engagement, presentation, coaching endeavor, or action learning event. Every one!

We begin our client engagement process by taking a page out of the appreciative inquiry literature. Based on our understanding of the client and the client’s outcome expectations, we apply disciplines and best practices adapted from anthropology, psychology, and social sciences to the art of leadership, change management, coaching, employee engagement and performance, and personal growth.

Stabilizing Solutions

If an organization is in turmoil, we work first with the client to stabilize the situation. Our consortium members, with years of experience in their specialties, bring solutions for swift stabilization. After the fires are out, we work with the client to recognize what sparked them and to look to the future —and new ideas—with confidence.

Full Spectrum Scans

Because we know we can’t meet our clients’ expectations or help them solve a dilemma without fully understanding their perspective and field of play, we have a voracious appetite for information. We promise to be patient, committed, and inquisitive listeners. That usually also involves listening to a client’s peers, associates, higher-ups and customers—in a broad- spectrum scan of reality.

Direct Leadership

You can expect us to place our perspective of your dilemmas squarely on the table without pulling any punches. Every approach to leadership, change and high performance involves some mea culpas. If you’re looking for a sycophant you will want to look elsewhere. Empathetic yes, squeamish no.

Leading Edge Practices

We have a reputation for grasping what’s moving on the leading edge of organizational sectors and helping clients catch the momentum. We help every client find the high performance benchmarks for what’s working elsewhere and then navigate as close as they desire.

Please see more about our philosophy on the What We Bring page.

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