Everyone has a Kathmandu

She did it. Ricki told her boss she was taking some time off, packed her office knick-knacks and walked out on a prestigious Fortune 500 international management position to take a year’s trip around the world and visit Kathmandu.

How many readers would like to do something similar? We know most of you would because our travels in the states and internationally allow us a chance to talk with you about your jobs, your stress, and your dreams. And what we’ve learned is that everyone has a Kathmandu. Everyone needs to get away. But most of us remain frustrated or block such thinking because it only depresses us to realize that we probably won’t get and probably can’t afford a chance. How do we differ from Ricki? Not much if you look closely at the issue.

While a complete trip around the world is a spectacular sojourn, most of us have our own closer version of Nepal. The lake, the mountains, a favorite city, the beach. A long weekend, adding a play day to a business trip, taking a Friday off, a picnic in the park, a good book that we haven’t gotten to, visiting a friend you haven’t seen for ages, a play, more frequent dinner parties. They are all smaller versions of Kathmandu. Release, adventure, self fulfillment. And they are all inexpensive relative to a jaunt with the Sherpas. They are also all within your immediate control.

Larger dreams require something Ricki has that we all can have: plans and courage. No, I didn’t forget money! Saving comes from planning. Goals without plans usually don’t occur. While some folks stand around thinking of the reasons why something can’t be done, others have the courage to find a way to break inertia. Set your goals. Work your plan diligently. Empower yourself to break with routine. Then, just do it! See you in Machu Picchu!

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