What We Bring


Energy is our trademark. We create it, we bring it, we leave it. Our professionals bring a history of energetic wrangling in the business mosh pit and they bear the scars to prove it. Their experience translates to a quick diagnosis of your need, the development of a cogent plan, and a hand-off to you with the tools to implement it. Watch what happens when we re-engergize the people in your organization around creating value and being more successful.

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We have them. So do most of the firms or speakers you’re considering, however. What sets us apart? Our client mix, our mix of consultants and our history of success after success. We offer you the most visionary yet practical help you can find. Better yet: if we see that someone else would be a better match—that’s our first recommentation.


No one will move more quickly than we do to size up your operation and give you options. However, we always show up with velocity, not simply speed. We don’t create value by billing by the hour. We create value by the velocity of our assessment and solution creation. We can move fast or adjust our tempo to the readiness of your organization.


No single answer fits all needs. We specialize in the options buffet to give you and your team the benefit of matching your organization’s readiness and comfort level to the mix of solutions. Make no mistake, our options will stretch you. No matter what you need or how big your appetite for change, we’ll show you several pathways to meet your goals.


Most organizations deal with too much college, not enough Kindergarten. We will help you learn to defy traditional wisdom and discover what is truly and effectively innovative. Most organizations struggle with using fun to discover solutions previously hidden from view. Well, we’re fun and we bring it for a purpose—to help you discover innovative and creative options for, and pathways to, success. We don’t play just to play. We play with a purpose: business outcomes!

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