Adept facilitators, speakers, trainers and coaches, Signature Resources consortium members bring fresh thinking to the following areas.


Leadership develops from competencies achieved through active learning. That’s why Signature Resources consortium members use proven methods in teaching, coaching and facilitating. We adapt our methods to address challenges at every level of leadership and across every segment of human enterprise. As published experts, we elaborate on our leadership approach in our book, A Legacy of 21st Century Leadership. Other resources, such as our friend Jack Zenger’s book, The Extraordinary Leader, offer additional insights about the competency-based leadership development we offer.


Signature Resources’ board and governance leadership development stands up to the challenges and scrutiny of the post-Enron era. Synthesizing best practices from the most respected domains (BoardSource, American Society of Association Executives, National Association of Corporate Directors, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance, and others), we develop leadership competency—tailored to the experience level of each board—that rises to the most stringent demands for oversight and transparency. We designed our easy-to-use lessons and strategies to help organizations shore up their current board strength and help them create a vibrant pipeline for their next generation of board members.

Executive Coaching

We base or executive coaching on confidential relationships geared to developing capability, credibility and impact. We can tailor our foundation of competency-based coaching—honed by consistently working with 15 to 20 senior managers and executives at any given time—for preparing executives and senior managers for the next level of leadership, or simply to meet the changing demands of their leadership environments.

Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution

Working across numerous business and organizational enterprise sectors and conducting at least 10 strategic planning sessions each year keeps Signature Resources consortium members’ pulses on the rapid changes in the business environment.

We instill the confidence and align the vision, the data, the competencies and the actions our clients need to transform big ideas into actionable strategies for positioning their brand and operational success.

In our method, “strategic thinking” always precedes “strategic planning.”

While business vision and goals may have a 10-year horizon, the old five-year strategic plan has given way to a dynamic, three-year set of strategies refreshed annually.

Our page “Future Proof Your Board of Directors” gives a glimpse at some ways we try to stretch your thinking.

Harnessing Change

In the 1980s experts taught leaders to cope with change. In the 1990s leaders learned to lead change. In the 21st Century leaders are expected to drive transformation rather than simple evolutionary change. Signature Resources consortium members practice transformational leadership across a wide range of enterprise settings and coach other leaders through the process. They teach the dynamics of change and strategize successful transformation from the front line to the executive level, for clients in government, private and not-for-profit arenas.

Employee Engagement

Successful companies focus on employee engagement, not simply employee satisfaction. Significant international research shows that a highly engaged work force will out-produce a less engaged workforce by 20 percent. Building on the pioneering research of the Gallup organization in the United States and BlessingWhite out of Europe, leadership research by Signature Resources partners and consortium members has determined the critical pressure-points organizations need to leverage for maximized employee engagement. With the number of “disengaged” employees going up world-wide and approaching 20 percent in 2012, we help organizations maintain the focus of their highly engaged employees while targeting the gold mine of improved engagement—the nearly 30 percent of “almost highly-engaged.” Chapter IV of our book, A Legacy of 21st Century Leadership gives a glimpse of our research, which we can bring to bear for your organization.


Coaching performance or personal improvement is a delicate art based upon a complex science. Our program “Performance Engagement Competencies,” popular for government and private sector clients, leaves participants with clarity about the behaviors that best enable them to coach another person’s success. We can scale program from the frontline to the executive level and blend it with the most current research and best practice for behavioral-based coaching and employee engagement.

Breakthrough Performance

Our “Xtreme Breakthrough Performance,” a proprietary (patent pending) adaptation of the highly regarded General Electric “Work Out,” takes a small team through a two-and-a-half day fusion event that results in an immediate, actionable outcomes processes. Our clients tell us the program consistently generates 20 percent improvement on their organizational dilemmas. To confirm this, we invite you to talk directly to them!


Signature Resources consortium members frequently accept the call to facilitate the most challenging of meetings, conferences and summits. Utilizing an appreciate inquiry motif, we assure inclusive input—including management of disruptive behavior— while driving the sort of thinking that levitates beyond the status quo and prepares participants to engage in highly actionable outcomes.


Recognized as gifted conference presenters in their specialties, Signature Resources experts bring dynamism, fresh perspective, high levels of audience interaction, and immediately applicable messages to conferences. We tailor keynote presentations for events as small as 100 attendees to as large as 5,000, across all sectors of enterprise. Within our portfolio of expertise we customize each presentation to the client’s objectives and audience characteristics

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